Why I can’t do Photog School

That last shot i did for my digital tools class literally took me like my entire reading week to conceptualize and execute. Technically if i didn’t over think it I could have done it within 2 days max. Sure it turned out pretty freakin swell, but i can’t imagine myself having to come up with something like that every week, let alone pay 9k in tuition. 

Last Summer: Fml i’m unemployed
This Summer: Fml i’m getting underpaid

Gah, not feeling Deaf Havana’s new songs and it sucks because fools and worthless liars is still my favorite album…this is like rise against all over again.


getting over someone you never even dated


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man…i’m depressed 



some women make life feel 9 billion times harder than it should be






These guys can no longer claim, women don’t know true pain. 

I enjoy this post WAY too much

Call me malicious but I want every male politician who’s against birth control and abortion to get hooked up to one of these.

the suffering in action

they only lasted about 2 hours compared to the average of 10 hours.

^ Watched the video omg HAHAHA. How interesting though!

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